Venezuela Delegation

Commemorate the anniversary of the people´s victory over the
2002 US-backed coup and observe the
Special Presidential Election
Venezuela delegation
April 10-16, 2013
Sponsored by
Meet with grassroots organizations and possibly government officials to learn about the legacy of Hugo Chavez during this crucial time in Venezuela, and how they plan on preserving it into the future.
Delegation leader Lisa Sullivan is Latin America Liaison for the School of the Americas (SOA) Watch and was instrumental in meeting with President Chavez and convincing him to have Venezuela withdraw from the SOA. She has lived in Venezuela for over 20 years, raised a family there, and has been actively involved in organizing the poor and other social movements as a Maryknoll  lay missioner.
Our international delegation will be in Venezuela to express solidarity with the social justice movements there during a historically important time. April 11-13 are the dates of the US-backed and SOA graduate-led coup in 2002. We will be there for the anniversary celebration of the successful overturning of the coup when Hugo Chavez returned to the presidential palace on the 13th of April.
Then on April 14, there will be presidential elections, where we will switch gears and serve as international, nonpartisan (or neutral) election observers. The polls have indicated overwhelming popular support for Chavez’s vice president and successor Nicolas Maduro, so the US-backed opposition will be trying to cast aspersions on the electoral process.
The Venezuelans have defeated the 1% before. Come reflect and remember with them. And then observe while they do it again.
Please join us. The $750 delegation fee includes room, at least 2 meals per day, and in-country travel. It does not cover transportation to and from Venezuela.
This delegation is sponsored by the Task Force on the Americas and SOA Watch. For more information please contact Dale Sorensen,, 415/924-3227.
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