POP co-op event, photos

We would like to thank everyone who attended and participated in the P.O.P. Coop!
The People’s Organized Power (POP) Coop was a wonderful first time success! We hope
that all who participated found Sunday an engaging way to deepen their knowledge about
Venezuela and learn about some of the incredible work that is happening here in our
Olympia community! We encourage everyone to stay in touch, offer feedback, and help
us brainstorm possibilities for next year.

If you are interested in seeing this event happen again next year or would like to
participate for a first time, please let us know so we can start getting an idea about the
discussions that need to happen to make this day an even more integrated and cross-
cultural community event.

If you did not get a chance to fill out an evaluation form, please email one of us about
what you thought of the events on either Saturday night or Sunday. This is a learning
process for us and we would really appreciate feedback! Thanks

Claire Brown – Clairebrown05@gmail.com
Heather Bryson – cali2heart@gmail.com
Annie Choi – yellowfever123@yahoo.com

We would like to give big THANK YOUs to everyone who helped make the P.O.P.
Coop possible. We could not have made happen without your involvement, participation,
support, and physical help. This was truly a cooperative and collective effort.
En Solidaridad con:
• All of our classmates and both faculty, Peter Bohmer and Anne Fischel, of the
Venezuela program for your contributions, workshops, and art – Dale Pues!
– The Speakers Bureau: Demystifying Venezuela
– The Community Mural Project
– All student produced documentary films
– After Occupy: Examples from Venezuela & Where to go Next
• Our Venezuelan companeros of the Cecosesola Cooperative. Muchisimas gracias!
• Michael Olson & Ocho Pies for their beautiful jams
• Josh Simpson of Coffee Strong
• Salsa de Cuba (performance and lesson from Chris Hamm)
• The Rachel Corrie Foundation
• Jazmin Garcia and Francisco Leos (Child Care)
• Olympia Coalition for a Fair Budget (OCFB) and the Really Really Free Market
• Socialist Alternatives
• Last Word Books
• Don’t Stop Printing
• Rick and Caroline Allen (Mom and Dad )
• Jay Grossman
• Jin and Choon Choi (food and wine donations)
• John Boyer and James Bracken (sound/stage)
• Elliot D. George aka ET (Catering)
• Everyone who brought food and donated!

People’s Organized Power. An event hosted by the Evergreen class, Venezuela: Building Economic and Social Justice. This fair is dedicated to reorganizing our needs and establishing a cohesive community consciousness in solidarity with multi-cultural and generational movements.

We would like to invite you to participate in a day event that will celebrate our local and international communities. This will be an opportunity for participants to showcase their community projects, movements and ideas. The Evergreen program Venezuela: Building Economic and Social Justice will be hosting this event and providing some of the workshops and presentations based on themes of popular education, reclaiming community space, art as a form or resistance, and protagonism.

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